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Welcome to Jake’s Forex

Find your feet in the deep, and treacherous waters of Forex. — A course designed, and tailored to accomodate all calibres of traders.

We are here to help, to motivate and guide you to success. That not only requires knowledge in trait, but emotions, stability, structure and drive.

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  • Online One to One Sessions

    Believe it or not, after your first few face to face sessions, you'll feel the need for personal space to maintain focus. The one to ones will help you to keep on top of your learning. Maximising your potential.

    Held online in the comfort of your home, we can video call or a simple phone call to observe, and improve up on your progress. Live trading sessions together are amazing in speeding up your learning process. No better way to demonstrate the knowledge by putting it into practice; and gaining a few pounds in the process.

  • Face to Face Sessions

    Trying to teach anyone how to learn forex, and to master it online is near enough impossible. You will only get so far before you begin hitting constant hurdles in your progress. In person mentoring is great for both sides. To share ideas, opinions and trading insights to better improve your learning.

    Don't worry, it's not one of those bullshit trading workshops. We can go for some lovely italian food, and/or a beer; even an orange juice. Or we can simply relax and trade in the comfort of my own, or your home.

  • The Student Chatroom

    Where the magic comes to life. What better way to learn, earn and burn the markets than with a bunch of people who love the same thing. A place in which you can trust, with people whom you can trust in.

Why Choose Us?

You’ve pretty much answered that question already. Reassuance is key, and is clear that’s what you’re looking for. At the end of the day, regardless of anything self-proclaimed, or what others may claim, you need to see physical results. I’ve taught Forex for a long time, and have traded independently for even longer. All I will say is, never take someone for face-value. You must search deeper, and you will find the truth behind the smoke screens.

4,100+ Highlights of Profits on Instagram

Looking for results? There are over 4,100 highlights on our instagram @JakesForex. All screenshots are of our students on the previous, Ultimate Traders Course, which ran successfully for 3 years. Millions of £’s in profits accumulated by Studente.

Are there any additional costs?

The course fee is a one-time cost. The total cost is £1,450. Stay updated on Instagram for monthly trade season discounts. Can vary, and up to 40% off.

Suited for Beginners or Advanced?

I’ve designed and built this course for all calibres of trading. Regardless of your current knowledge, the course will ‘mould’ to you. Even if you are a successful trader, for you to understand the magic behind the curtains, you must start a fresh. Run from the beginning to now (there is never an end, as you’re constantly learning), using the methodologies I propose..

Do I sell signals?

If I hear you mention the word in any topic of conversation between us, instant execution lol. I offer the ability to follow every move I make on the markets, and so giving you the chance to earn as you learn. Reason being, is not for me to sit and make you money, on the contrary to aid your learning process as you can only learn so much from the theory side, and absolutely nothing from a simulator/demo account.

Mastering the arts of Forex

As your mentor, it is my responsibility to ensure you become successful in my methologoies of trading. Providing an insight imto my mind. It takes two to tango; however with time, and dedication, you will master the charts.

The Guru Course

Are you ready to divulge into the world of Forex?

My course includes one to one sessions, face to face sessions, group sessions. Student chatrooms enabling you to interact with 180+ students a day. Follow all of my movements on the markets. All trades I take you can too. Private member access to all educational material and resources. Live Webinars including General & Trading Sessions. Nationwide events including social, trading, and education. Job opportunities for flexible income around your trading, to secured and guaranteed earnings. Pool investment accounts for you to invest in, and I’ll trade for you. Keep all profits. Just spread the word. Offices to attend, learn and socialise in at any time, in London & Birmingham.

Edition 2
Approval subject to application.

One Time Fee, GBP.

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  • Real Millionaire Trader Advice
  • Full Analysis Breakdowns
  • A Community of Traders
  • Renowned Content
  • Secrets Of A Forex Trader

Course Add-Ons

Choose your extras, if any before applying
  • 3 Day Intensity - £499

    This is a 3 day intensity course, specifically aimed at covering every aspect of your learning, regardless of your experience in Forex. By the end of the intensity course, you will have everything you need tailored to suit you and your current level of trading. Including strategies, technical analysis breakdown & evaluation, fundamental analysis breakdown & evaluation. chart setup, past trading history analysis, with advisories, corrections and improvements provided in thorough detail. Account management in person, enabling you to learn, and earn live in the flesh with me personally.

    If you wish to include this in your course application, please add it to the relevant notes section. It's important to do this in your first application, to avoid any confusion, and reapplication.

  • Custom Strategy (Technical & Fundamental) - £299

    Although this can be done without an inperson sit-down together, it is advised that we create a strategy in person, together enabling you to understand what it is exactly the strategy consists of.

    Your strategy is the most important part of your trading alongside your mental strategy. I'm now offering the option to have your own strategy customised to suit you, in person, while live on the charts with me personally. Not much more to say. If you want it, there it is. Just makes your learning a little quicker and easier to understand.

  • Custom Scalp & Swing Strategy £149

    Perfect your scalp and swing trading on all currency pairs with a custom, and tailored strategy for you to follow as you learn. Strict guidance. Guaranteed results. Inclusive of my strategy for scalp and swings on EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and USD/JPY.

  • Additional Face to Face Sessions - Starting from £89

    I understand it's important for you to maximise your potential, and need me there to help you do so. If you wish to spend more time with me on the charts, and perfecting your trading, then you can now do so.

    Each additional session is £89, which includes me coming to you, unless you otherwise request. Purchasing in bulk, you can get 5 additional sessions at your requested dates and times for £329.